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Kitchen sink drain lines are susceptible to grease stoppages. Pouring bacon grease or hamburger dripping down your drain certainly can lead to a drain stoppage and a corresponding drain cleaning payment to a plumber. We know how to save money on your drain cleaning, you call us, but what do you do with that grease if you don’t pour it down the sink? Even the best plumber, the best drain cleaner performing the best drain cleaning cannot prevent a future plumbing repair from excessive grease.

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Commercial Restaurants Beware

The sanitation agency will bill you for the costs related to the stoppage if they can determine that your restaurant or facility caused or contributed to the problem. It is now a legal requirement to have a grease trap servicing your kitchen. Fines and installation could be enough to put smaller restaurants out of business. Give us a call, we are the best rooter company - the best drain cleaning contractor, for a free evaluation on what we can do you and your kitchen drains to comply with the law.

Homeowners, Your Kitchen Sink Stoppage is Probably from Grease

Most stoppages in the kitchen sink are from grease build up or contributed from grease build up. The grease is sticky, not smooth and slick. The food that goes down the garbage disposal tends to stick to the grease in the kitchen drain and causes a drain stoppage.

Rule of Thumb to Save on your Drain Cleaning Dollars

  • If you can scrape it off, do so, and into the garbage

  • Grease should not be poured down the drain. Pour it into a can, an old coffee, and when full, throw it out with the garbage.

  • Do not use Anti-Bacterial Soap at your kitchen sink. The bacteria that live in your drain system help to prevent stoppages by eating food waste stuck to the walls of the piping. The anti-bacteria soap kills those bacteria.

  • Do not use bleach to freshen your drain. Bleach kills those friendly drain cleaning bacteria. To freshen your drain, use lemons or limes.

  • When you using your garbage disposal use cold water to grind up what ever to put down it. It works better to make the pieces smaller and then follow it with hot water to help the grease buildup out of your system.

  • Do not use liquid drain cleaners, dry drain cleaners or caustic acids to clean your drains. Your drains were not designed to take the chemical acid bombardment and many times the acids that your put down your drains will lead to the destruction of the piping itself. Very few of these “drain cleaners” work very well. Stop wasting your money.


The best drain cleaner for all your drain cleaning grease clogsFinally, If you have a Drain Stoppage Problem

Give us a call. We are a drain contractor for rooter work. We are here to help you with all your drain cleaning problems. Use the coupons provided in this site and we find the problem that you are having and solve it. Your drains should never back up. Call now. We have plumbers standing by to help you.

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Don't settle for a fly by night drain cleaning contractor or drain cleaning company. Those drain cleaners show up, pop a hole in the drain, and then return later when your sink clogs up again only to tell you that you need expensive work performed. We are accredited members of BBB, the California League of Homeowners, The Plumbing, heating, Cooling Contractor's Association and the Quality Service Contractor's Association.

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