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Area drains are the only drains on your property that must be maintained each and every year. Area drains, outside drains and patio drains tend to fill up with leaves and debris slowing the exit of rain water. Most area drains are installed by landscapers who ultimately install them improperly. Most have little to no grade and very rarely are the joints even glued together.

Free Sewer Camera with any Drain Cleaning

Patio drain cleaning and area drain cleaning is often the result of poor crafsmanship

This image I pulled off the web. The landscaper putting it in thought they were perform good plumbing work. This is going to be a stoppage in a couple of years. There are 4 different types of plumbing pipe held together with duct tape and pipe wrap rather than the proper plumbing fittings. The pipe on top is dumping straight into the lower pipe which will leave the debris from it going in both directions. Roots will get into this area drain piping and there will be drain stoppage problems.

Area drains and most outside drains plug up with either roots or dirt or both

Rule of Thumb to Save on your Area Drain Cleaning Dollars

  • Don't wait until your backyard floods before calling.

  • Have your drains, all of them, cleaned each year before the rainy season. The drain cleaning plumber will be working in better conditions (not raining on them) and you'll have more time to make your decision. More time equals better drain cleaning negotiating power for you.

  • Have your area drains video inspected each year. If you get a break, fix it before it becomes a larger problem.

  • Fix landscape sprinkler systems so that they do not run water down the area drains every time they turn on. A fresh constant supply of water in an area drain guarantees root intrusion.

  • Area drain installation does not require city permits and this is reason that just about anything goes in the installation. If the installation doesn't look right when the landscaper is installing those area drains, give us call and we will inspect them for you. A small problem with the installation now can lead to digging up your yard later.

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Finally, If you have a Drain Stoppage Problem

Give us a call. We are a drain contractor for rooter work. We are here to help you with all your drain cleaning problems. Use the coupons provided in this site and we find the problem that you are having and solve it. Your drains should never back up. Call now. We have plumbers standing by to help you.

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